This very old ground is characterized by its schistose-clayey soil and an absence of limestone. The estate benefits from a microclimate with a daily marine breeze, which avoids the too cold winters and risks of frost and allows more moderate summer heights temperature.

The 20 hectares currently in production are trained on wire trellising and the wine growing technique remains traditional. Even if the Devictor family does not wish to claim out loud any particular attachment to the organic label, the methods and processes are respectful of nature and its basic principles: organic fertilizers, Bordeaux mixture “bouillie bordelaise” (copper) and sulfurs are used for the treatment of vines. No weed killer and no insecticide are tolerated. The plots of land are large-sized (approximately 4 ha) to facilitate the mechanical work of the vineyard. They are planted from east to west to avoid the grip of the wind when the Mistral blows strongly.

Grapes varieties (Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah et Cabernet Sauvignon) were minutely selected to answer the requirements of the Côtes de Provence Appellation and produce very aromatic wines.