Mid-August samplings are taken from the vines and tested to measure the degree and acidity of the grape. The overall results of sampling near August 20th will determine the launch of the harvest. The harvesting takes place at night for rosÚs and whites to preserve the coolness of the grapes. For reds, the harvesting takes place during daytime, so that the heat allows development of the color when the juice is in contact with the skin of the grape.

The grapes used for white and rosÚ wines are completely destemmed and pressed on arrival in the cellar. For the red wines, the grapes, also destemmed, a maceration of the fragmented berries and the juice is going to last 3 weeks before pressing.

The thermoregulation of the cellar is essential to allow the good progress of the alcoholic fermentation.

After clarification, all the wines are bottled on the estate from the beginning of the next year.